Covid update

Letter to members:

Hi folks! I hope you're all finding ways to stay safe and healthy. Despite the current situation, people still need to eat, so we're still farming. Finding fresh local food will be more important than ever this year, and personally I'm grateful for the chance to do my part. We still have CSA shares available, and I wanted to update you all on how we're adapting Mud Creek Farm's operation in response to the virus.

Our first priority is keeping the farm crew healthy. As the greenhouse season starts in a couple weeks, we'll be very careful to avoid physical contact, keeping things sanitized, and monitoring our health. No one will be working sick!

As far as CSA distribution goes, we're hoping things have calmed down by then, but we're preparing for the worst. We'll be switching distribution to "deli style," with a farm staff member packing everyone's share for them as they tell us which things they'd like in the line. We'll have hand washing stations for staff and members, and staff will be wearing gloves. (For Abundance members, this will be the same process, except with Peacework member volunteers.) All bins and surfaces will be sanitized regularly, and farm staff will use best practices while washing and packing veggies from the field.

The you-pick section will still be open. We will ask anyone venturing out there to please sanitize their hands first, there will be a station available. There will also be a bleach solution bucket for scissors used for flowers or herbs. We'll be requesting that everyone sanitizes their hands on the way to the fields, and again as you leave the field.

Any members who are sick or immunocompromised and need to be more isolated will have a drive-through option. We can pack their shares for them and bring it to their car in the parking lot. Once we get closer to distributions, we can work out a way for people who need this option to contact us ahead of time with their preferences on choice items and you-pick items. It's possible we might need to rely on volunteers to help with distribution, or to deliver some shares to people who really can't venture out.

Additionally, some of you are probably not sure what your financial situation looks like in the coming weeks or months, and are unsure if you can pay for a CSA share this year. If that's you, please contact me and we can work out a payment plan that works for you. We all need to eat, and I don't want the full payment deadline to be a barrier for anyone in these turbulent times.

As always, feel free to get in touch with questions, concerns, ideas!

Love, Farmer Ruth