Sample Shares

These photos were taken during the 2016 season as an example of what your share could look like each week. Included in the photos are some of the PYO options available each week, but by no means all of them. We missed a few weeks here and there due to busy schedules, but fortunately we have pictures of the "menu" for those weeks. Hopefully this gives you the scope of how the share looks and changes through the season!

/srv/mudcreek/media/week_1.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_2.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_3.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_4.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_5.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_6.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_7.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_8.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_9.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_10.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_11.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_12.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_13.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_14.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_15.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_16_1.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_17.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_18.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_19.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/week_20.jpg