The Pick-Your-Own Experience

Our CSA members get access to our Pick-Your-Own fields whenever they want to pick; it doesn't have to be at the same time as CSA distribution, or even on the same day. That way folks can come out when they have some time, bring their kids, maybe a picnic or the inlaws. We create this section of the farm as a garden oasis... it's where you can lose time listening to the birds and playing in the dirt, tasting cherry tomatoes and green beans, picking flowers, introducing your kids to bugs and worms and the place where their food comes from.

/srv/mudcreek/media/cherry_toms.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/bouquet_holding.JPG /srv/mudcreek/media/u_pick_rainbow.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/luke_sunny.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/cherry_hand.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/wedding_flowers.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/peas.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/sage.JPG /srv/mudcreek/media/sunny_field_storm.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/bouquet_sky.JPG /srv/mudcreek/media/scallions_red_shovel.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/you_pick_flrs.JPG /srv/mudcreek/media/scallions_with_dad.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/ground_cherries.JPG /srv/mudcreek/media/oy_with_map.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/bouquet_table.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/rostov.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/bucket_of_suns.jpg /srv/mudcreek/media/basil_PUToS8d.jpg